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Bloons Tower Defense 2 Game

There are a lot of people nowadays who love to play computer games. The computer games are divided into different categories and one particular category which is popular nowadays is the tower defense. Tower defense game is a type of game in which the player will have to defend their own base from being destroyed or being entered by the enemies. One perfect example of a tower defense is the Bloons tower defense 2. Along with the popularity of tower defense games these days, the Bloons TD 2 is also getting more and more popular because of the fun and exciting gameplay that it has. Here are the important informations that you must know about the Bloons tower defense 2.

For those who are not familiar with the Bloons tower defense game, it is a tower defense game in which the enemies are the balloons or called as the bloons There will be different kinds of bloons that the player will face and they vary from speed and the difficulty to pop. The first bloons are the red colored ones which are the slowest and easiest to pop and the hardest bloons to pop are the black and white ones. The Bloons tower defense 2 is the sequel game of the original version of Bloons tower defense game. The gameplay is quite the same however, the creators of the game have made some enhancements and more features to the game to make it more challenging for more hours of action packed enjoyment.

The new features of the Bloons TD2 are the 3 new difficulty levels which is a great thing because it adds more flexibility to those who are just new to the game and to those who have played it already and are wanting for more challenge. The tower types in the Bloons TD 2 game have been added for more variety in the gameplay and to have more choices in destroying the bloons. One of the new tower types is the Road Spikes which is very useful in popping those remaining bloons that are near to escaping. When it comes to the difficulty levels, the player will have different amount of lives in every difficulty level. The higher the difficulty level is, the fewer the lives of the player will be. In addition to that, the cost of the towers also vary in each difficulty levels. The harder the difficulty level is, the higher the costs of the towers are. With these features, the Bloons tower defense 2 promises to give every player more challenge than they had with the original version of Bloons TD.

When playing the Bloons tower defense 2 game, it is also fun to know some Bloons TD 2 cheats especially if the player is really having a hard time finishing a particular level of the game or, if the player just wants to have more fun in playing the game. One of the most requested cheats for this game is the unlimited money for them to buy more towers and to make it easier to finish each level. Other than that, the game will be filled with more action since the player can now buy lots of towers. To have this Bloons TD 2 cheat, you should first start to create a new account in a Bloons tower defense 2 game through any website where this game can be played and finish the first level. Save the game and then load it. Start the game in sandbox mode and finish the game in this mode. Next, load it again in original mode and you will notice that you will earn money even if you do not finish the game in sandbox mode. Start a new sandbox game again and repeat until the money is enough to buy the banana farms. When you finally have acquired the banana farms, you will be earning as much as 70,000 in game money in each round finished. Continue playing for more money.

Here is a simple Bloons TD 2 walkthrough to give you some taste of this game. Once you have found this game in a certain site it wil load for a short period of time and then, the main menu of the game will appear on the gamescreen. You will choose between 3 difficulties before starting the game. On the first level of the game, you will have a smal amount of money to buy towers such as the dart monkey, ice ball and many more. All of them can be upgraded to enhance their attacking capabilities. You will be choosing the best areas where to place the towers. The Bloons yower defense 2 game has colorful graphics along with great music and sound effects which will definitel keep any player playing for hours.

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