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Bloons TD 4

Games are always used for relaxation as they make for a lighter use of the brain. Games are simply any thing done for amusement or sports. The Bloon tower defense 4 is an example of a good game that is suitable for amusement, relaxation and sports. It is also good for the brain as the brain will be made use of while calculating how to go about crossing all the hurdles in the game. Games are so interesting because despite the fact that you are relaxing, your brain is not relaxing as it is still being put to good use but in a lighter way.

What the Bloon td 4 Game is all about

The bloon td (which stands for the word tower defense) 4 is a game where the player has the duty or function of placing towers on a lot of tracks in order to destroy or scatter the bloons that are on the tracks. The major aim of the player is to stop the bloons which are simply a cluster of balloons from getting to the end of the track on the game. The towers that are built against the bloons are to be built strategically and constructively. The game can be enjoyed by all - kids, youths and even adults. It is a product of the Ninja Kiwi.

The bloon tower defense 4 is an improved version of the bloon td games series. The bloon tower defense 4 has an improved graphics and the new unlocking skills that give the player the ability to unlock towers that were built by the player. The sandbox and the apopalypse are the new modes that were introduced in this series. The game can also be recovered with the Mochi Games Account.

The new series of the bloon td can be played as a bloon tower defense 4 expansion and it can also be played as a bloon tower defense 4 walkthrough. This new series of the bloon tower defense game was created and brought into the American market just about the month of October in the year 2009.

The Bloon Tower Defense 4 Expansion

This is the version where four (4) new tracks are added to the other existing tracks from the former series and the four (4) new tracks are namely; the triangle of insanity track, the subterranean sewers track, the secret of the monkey temple track and the sandy spiral track. In this new series a deflation mode game have been introduced where the player starts with the virtual money of $500, 000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand United States of America Dollars) and the player also starts at the round of twenty - one (21). The player here does not earn any money until the end of the game play. After the destruction of the bloons on the various tracks including the four new tracks which are the most difficult of tracks, the towers will then be unlocked after the player must have passed through the various difficult levels. This expansion style of the bloon td 4 series allows for the upgrade of some towers to be very cheap while the upgrade of some other towers will be very expensive as well.

There are three major levels in this series mode of expansion play and the three major levels include the easy level where you as the player have up to 200 lives and up to 50 rounds to play and buying things are very cheap in this level. The medium level of play is where the player has up to 150 lives and up to 60 rounds to play and buying things are still fair. The last level which is the hard level is where the player has up to 100 lives with up to 75 rounds and buying things in this level is expensive.

The Bloon Tower Defense 4 Walkthrough

The bloon tower defense 4 walkthrough is the mode of playing where the player is required to build the towers while playing. The building of the towers is the major task of the player in this mode of play. The main towers that are meant to be built are the tack shooter tower and the dart monkey tower. When these two towers have been built by the player, the player is then given the bonus of the third main tower which is called the bomb tower.

The bloons come in different colors of red, black, pink and so on. The bloons can be frozen as well as lead. The Super monkey tower, the tack shooter tower, the dart monkey tower and the bomb tower can keep the player till round 70.

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