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The third in a sequel of five games, Bloons Tower Defense 3 or Bloons TD 3 as many fans love to call it, is a thrilling game to those who like to strategize. This version is considered more entertaining than its predecessors Bloons, Hotcorn and Bloons tower defense 1, 2 because it is upgraded with cool and enjoyable features. It is built around a theme where the player has to pop balloons(Bloons) using darts, canons, and other weapons the game has to offer.

There are a number of tracks on which to play the game and in this version, there are 8 new tracks that form different mazes for you to tackle. The set of weaponry will wow you to the core if you have just graduated to using Bloons TD 3. Canons will help you to burst as may bloons as you can in just one hit as well as a super monkey who can be upgraded to have laser vision so that he can handle as many targets as possible. The makers of this game(Ninjakiwi) did not pause a second in the effort to provide more excitement to anticipating fans, by making it even harder to advance to the next level.

Unlike Bloons TD 1 and 2, this edition features more complicated tracks and even more difficult Bloons to pop. The key winning strategy is to hit as many as possible with one powerful shot. In this case, the Bloons are a bit witty and you will find many hiding inside each other to form a defensive layer. There is no need to fret though, because the MOAB (mother of all bombs) will deal with them in a flash. Another thing to die for is a new combination of towers that will help you block and hit as many adversaries as possible. With repeated hits, even the porcelain Bloons of tower defense 3 are no match for your arsenal. The large spike-o-pult can be lapunched with immense force and the rules of the game allow you to release three balls at a go.

There are new tower monkeys who are stronger, faster, and can operate on a wider range, making the game more thrilling for the avid player. The cream of the cake is a bomb that can pop many Bloons in a row even when you are off the track. More intense fun awaits you at the top level of this game where you buy more weapons and get a top secret weapon to pop the Bloons with. This makes the game more exciting as players devise strategy upon strategy to beat the Bloons to the end of the track and win a game! It will keep you glued to your computer for hours and the moment you finish one level, more spellbinding fun awaits you.

There are Bloons TD cheat codes that will help the player get more health and launch weapons with more force but care should be used when using them lest you corrupt your system. If you want insight to the game and how to achieve the best results in the least time, the best place to check is a walkthrough. The internet is home to many Bloons tower defense 3 walkthrough made to help amateurs get a heads up on the game. Ninjakiwi, the makers of this and other games have also increased the targeting possibilities for the player, by offering an opportunity to change target mode anytime. Boomerang monkey is not the same anymore as now he has more strength and launching capacity to throw eight balls at once.

The bloons darts have been upgraded to sharp razor darts that will slice three of the hardest bloons at once instead of two like in previous versions. You can play Bloons Tower Defense 3 at many online stores like,, and others. This makes it even more realistic than other games that are available for play on only one site. Players have not been limited as they can play the game as much as they like until they are out of strategies. This game is based on cool cartoon characters that create a comic feel like none other. Tower Defense games have revolutionized the gaming world with cool offers on expansion packs as well as shopping discounts on all of their products. You can find Bloons Tower Defense Three expansion sets at your favorite game store both online and offline.

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